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EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique 

EFT is a simple and effective way to tap into emotions and energy. It is so quick and effective that it can be practised anywhere, anytime. Have you seen The Wolf of Wall Street? If so, do you remember the scene with Matthew McConaughey and Leonardo Di Caprio in a restaurant where they use EFT? This scene was added purely because it’s a technique Matthew uses before he begins to film or before a big moment in his life. He beats his chest (collarbone area) for confidence, tapping into the energy he needs. Leo was intrigued and it was added to the movie. 

How can you tap into this power and freedom?

Tap the points below to connect into different energy – repeat a minimum of seven times each and, as you tap, repeat your positive affirmation. This is the energy you are inviting in at that moment. 

Begin with karate chop as the first stage of the EFT method. The point is located on either hand on the outside fleshy part of the hand that one would use to karate chop something. Tapping on this point opens you up to healing on a deep level, subconsciously releasing the blockage towards the end goal of release. Then choose the points below depending on what energy you are searching for.

  • Top of head (crown – 1 point): intuition, spiritual connection, focus, wisdom, clarity and insight 
  • Eyebrows (the inner part of the eyebrow – 2 points): inner peace and emotional healing 
  • Side of eyes (2 points): clarity, compassion and understanding
  • Under each eye (2 points): calmness, contentment, feeling safe, all is well 
  • Under nose (1 point ): self-empowerment, compassion, self-acceptance 
  • Chin (1 point): clarity, self-confidence, self-acceptance, certainty 
  • Collarbones (2 points): confidence, clarity, moving forward, relaxation
  • Underarm (2 points below armpit): relaxation, clarity, confidence, energising 

March Moon Magic 

Full Moon Virgo 7 March Powerful energy, so go gently. Focus on your health and also what’s holding you back from your big dreams. Let it go and make space for the new chapters.

New Moon Aries 21 March First new moon of the zodiac calendar. -A new start, a new chapter – start afresh!

March Affirmation 

“My possibilities are endless and the universe supports my decisions.” 


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