Grappolo Enoteca

Lagos has many landmarks which indicate historical and cultural locations. One such place is an artistic mural on the Avenida known as the Skeleton mural. Beside this mural is a new enterprise offering another hub to discover, which will introduce you to the culture of wine. 

The front window of Grappolo Enoteca has a large logo of a bunch of grapes dripping juice into a wine glass. Hence, the meaning of the word grappolo in Italian – a bunch of grapes. It is a fitting name for an international wine shop.

Italian wines command a predominant portion of the shop, paying homage to the owner, Brandon Poli’s grandmother, who was born in the Abruzzo province of Italy.  His paternal grandfather’s family came from the Emilio-Romagna region. Brandon embraces his Italian heritage and has studied Italian wines in depth.

Studying wines has long been a passion for Brandon. He was working on the WSET (Wine & Spirits Education Trust) Level 3 when the pandemic occurred. He has also been taking courses with the WSG (Wine Scholar Guild), specialising in Italian wines and Sherry production. He is currently studying the wines of Spain with WSG.

A corner of the shop contains shelves of Italian artisanal pasta, sauces, biscotti and coffees. The shelves are neat and organised by category and/or country. Everything needed to create an Italian dinner at home is available, including the wine! Going into this cosy shop, you see a comfortable grouping of armchairs around a glass table. There are books and magazines to peruse; all about wine, of course. 

Sparkling wines include Prosecco, Cava, Lambrusco and even a non-alcoholic sparkling wine made with wine grapes. The international side of the shop allows one to travel the world, glass by glass. Naturally, Portuguese wines are evident as well as other European countries, Australia, Chile, the US and other areas that Brandon has discovered. He is eager to share not only the wines but his knowledge about the wines with curious customers. 

There is space for private events, workshops and just relaxing. One of his first workshops was an introduction to Portuguese wines presented by Andressa Noitel, an engaging and enthusiastic Portuguese sommelier. Learning about a few of the many wine regions in Portugal and tasting the varied grapes was a unique experience. Brandon has ideas on presenting new events to the public and is open to suggestions. 

So, if you are looking for hospitality and a changing selection of wines from around the world, make a trip to Grappolo Enoteca. 

Open Monday through Saturday from 10am to 6pm The door is always open. Come on in!! Bem-vindo! Benvenuto! Bienvenue!

R. Cidade de Torres Vedras 13, 8600 744 Lagos


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