Filtered Pure H2O

A new business concept in the Algarve is seeking to find the solution to your drinking water needs.

If you are sick of going to the supermarket and lugging litres of plastic bottled water back to your home, then Filtered Pure H2O could have the answer. The company is looking to purify our drinking water in the Algarve with the latest technology from Germany.

Water filters have come a long way since we first started using sponges and charcoal to remove sediment and particles. The latest technology is activated coconut carbon and Filtered Pure H2O has been seeking a sustainable solution with the filter cartridge made from coconut husk. If you are not filtering your water, you become the filter.

Michael Leverington, from the company, tells me, “You no longer need to buy bottled water that is expensive, time-consuming and inconvenient. And don’t forget your drinking water is filled with microplastics.”

The company installs a water filter under your kitchen sink which is connected to the cold water tap and they also offer compact filters for your shower system that uses Shungite to soften and purify water. Installation is seamless and takes less than 20 minutes and the technology is suitable for all under-sink water outlets. It is non-intrusive and does not need to be attached to the kitchen furniture, so therefore even if you’re renting a property, it can be installed and transferred to your new home if you move.

Once installed, your Filtered Pure H2O filter gives you the following benefits:

  • Removal of toxins, bad taste, smells, chlorine and pesticides, heavy metals, microplastics, hormones, bacteria, germs and limescale
  • Eco-friendly technology using activated coconut carbon of the highest quality
  • Sustainable and easy to install under the kitchen sink, filtered water straight from your tap
  • Full flavour from your teas (wonderful for tea lovers)

This all means you are guaranteed filtered pure water solutions for you and your family, safe in the knowledge that the water you are drinking has been purified effectively.

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