Choosing a Dog

You have decided to share your life with a dog – great! Here at Cadela Carlota, we are more than ready to help, advise and support you when it comes to choosing your new loyal companion and friend.

WORDS Ann Hodges

Caesar Millan (The Dog Whisperer) always advocates three main points when sharing your life with a dog. The most important is exercise (remember that some dogs do not need a lot of this). The second most important is discipline. All dogs need this. And the third? Affection. Affection is very easy to give, but exercise and discipline must come first. 

We all have preferences for certain breeds of dogs! Mine happens to be terriers. They may be small, but they need a lot of exercise – and a lot of strong discipline. So maybe you will decide that a terrier is not for you. The most important question to ask yourself is ‘how much time am I prepared to give?’ 

How much walking time can I manage? All dogs like walks and the different smells that a walk brings into their life. Dogs have highly developed noses, and smells are very important – of any kind. 

Also, ask if you are prepared to spend time on training? At this point, it is worth knowing that all our new adoptions come with five optional professional dog training sessions free of charge. 

How much time will be spent giving cuddles on a sofa? Remember that affection is the last requirement!! 

We usually find that when someone comes to choose a dog, the breed becomes unimportant. As with humans, some dogs will have the ‘it’ factor for you; others will not.

And once you have chosen your dog, we can reserve it for you. Then you will be able to make several visits and truly bond with your new best friend – before collecting them to finally share your life forever. 

Our big reward is when we see you both go through those kennel gates and forward into your new life together. It makes all our work and commitment more than worthwhile—another day at Cadela Carlota when we can all jump for joy.


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