Pet’s Mate – Grass Seeds

Summer’s back … back again. Summer’s back … tell a friend.

Did you get the Slim Shady reference there? That’s right, I’m ‘Chopped Liver’.

Though, be that as it may, this is a veterinary article, not a hip-hop down memory lane. With the end of spring in our rearview mirror (music ref intended), nature is doing the ‘Wild Thing’ – in your socks. If you were a Snoop Dog who could read, then I might write that nature was ‘Hitchin A Ride’ in your nose.

These obsequies rhymes are in reference to seeds. Our grassy friend’s version of ‘Let’s Make Love Tonight’. Right now, you could probably glance above your edition of Tomorrow magazine and spot some rouge grass getting ready to ‘Sowing The Seeds Of Love’. In fact, I got 5 on It, you will be able to spot some weeds growing through the calçadas, even if you are in the middle of town (‘Where The Streets Have No Name’).

If all the music references have thrown you off the article, let me ‘Bring It Back’ – this is the season of grass seeds (not Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds). Nature wants these seeds to move on to find a new home to grow. To do this, they evolved sticky, spikey, thorny adaptations to get ‘A Free Ride’ on your socks or in your dog’s nose, toes, ears, etc.

If your dog (or cat or horse) suddenly starts sneezing, shaking their head, licking one foot or coughing madly, there’s a very good chance he or she has picked up a grass seed. It’s the season for it! If you’re suspicious of this, then bring them down to your friendly vet for the grass seed to be removed. So far, we have found grass seeds in ears, noses, eyes, feet, under the skin, in the bum and in the lungs (using our fibre-optic endoscopes).

Ensure your pet doesn’t suffer from the discomfort caused by grass seeds. Take necessary precautions and seek veterinary care if needed.

I won’t Ramble On’ anymore. Enjoy the ‘Summertime’ as it ‘Rolls On’ this way. Enjoy pulling the burs from your socks, too.


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