Garden Design – Enduring the long hot summers

While we all come to the Algarve for the sun, the strong summer months can take its toll on our gardens; plants and personal effects alike.

WORDS Joel Sadler

Sun Protection

The sun can be particularly unforgiving to some materials such as wood, plastic and metal. If they aren’t treated properly, they can age and degrade easily. Experts recommend a blend of linseed oil and tung oil (Or Danish oil as the blend is known) as a treatment for wooden products in our gardens, such as teak furniture or children’s toys. If you are a gas BBQ lover, then remember to keep a cover on any metals, especially if you’re by the coast and near the drifting sea spray, as the salt will corrode.   


Keeping on top of the watering can be a problem, especially if you rent your properties out. Try using an irrigation specialist or garden company to give you a watering system that will keep a perennial garden alive. 


Enjoying your garden is one thing, but no one is a fan of mosquitoes. Try planting these mighty anti-mosi florae in your garden to keep them away: Citronella, Lemonbalm, Marigolds, Basil, Lavender, Peppermint, Garlic, Pennyroyal, Rosemary & Scented Geraniums & Catnip.

Outdoor Furniture

Durable furniture is essential. Fenetti Outdoor Living uses high-strength aluminium frames and marine quality fabrics (meaning they get used on plush super yachts). Their fabrics are hydrophobic solution-dyed acrylics, meaning they don’t bleach under the sunlight and can withstand the constant splashes of chlorine from swimming pools without fading. In fact, they are so confident in their fabrics, they say they will even clean off an easily spilt glass of vinho tinto

Lastly, we are all probably expecting a bounty of friends and family due to arrive. After two years of not being able to escape for some holiday sun, the summer holidays are upon us! Just remember to keep plenty of sun cream and water for those visiting from further North, they may just have forgotten what the sun looked like.


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