The Sardine Festival challenges inflation and offers options for all tastes

Less than a month before the official opening of the 2024 edition of the Sardine Festival, which begins on July 30, Portimão is gearing up for another event filled with tradition and innovation, maintaining the price of the “Festival Plate” despite widespread price increases.

The 28th Sardine Festival, taking place from July 30 to August 4 on the riverside area of Portimão, opens from 6:00 PM to midnight with free admission. The “Festival Plate” remains priced at 10.50 euros (includes five grilled sardines, bread, boiled potatoes, and traditional Algarvian salad, without drinks), a tradition upheld by local associations: Boa Esperança Atlético Clube Portimonense, Clube Desportivo e Recreativo da Pedra Mourinha, Clube União Portimonense, GEJUPCE – Gil Eanes Juventude Portimonense Clube, and Grupo Desportivo e Recreativo Alvorense.

In addition to the official venue, visitors can enjoy grilled sardines at six partner restaurants along the riverside: Dona Barca, Forte e Feio, Retiro do Peixe Assado, Peixarada, Ú Venâncio, and Zizá, each with their own pricing.

The festival also features a diverse program of showcookings with guest chefs, in collaboration with the Confraria Gastronómica da Sardinha de Portimão, offering alternative dishes incorporating sardines at their core.

For visitors seeking alternatives to grilled sardines, the community groups and exhibitor area will offer various menus and proposals, including snacks, sweets, and the finest crafts and regional agri-food products.

Recognized as the best summer gastronomic festival in Europe in 2022 by Big 7 Travel and a finalist in the AHRESP Awards 2023, the event stands out for its musical entertainment across three stages: “Música no Jardim,” “Palco Sardinha,” and “Palco Principal,” with concerts starting at 10:00 PM on the main stage, featuring the following lineup:

  • Áurea (July 30)
  • Sara Correia (July 31)
  • Anjos (August 1)
  • Richie Campbell (August 2)
  • Marisa Liz (August 3)
  • Delfins (August 4)

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