Holistic Hub

Mark Mongey first came to Portugal in the winter of 2018 in a camper van on a learn-to-surf holiday. He fell in love with the country and now wants to give something back to the community with The Holistic Hub.

“I made some awesome pals in and around Lagos and was super sad to head back to the UK. Having struggled on for a few months, I decided it was time to be brave. I booked a one-way ticket, came and saw a business space in Praia da Luz and just went for it.”

Mark is a qualified massage therapist, hypnotherapist, Master NLP coach and a specialist in psychosexual dysfunction counselling and therapy.

Initially, he went to view a single space for his own studio, but, while talking to the landlord, he learned there was a second space available so he took that too. “My idea suddenly changed into a whole new concept, why not a shared studio space?”

He assumed there must be dozens of people like himself who have a certain set of skills but, as lone practitioners, cannot afford to commit to a contracted space. “I thought others might be able to benefit too by using the space when I cannot. And so The Holistic Hub was born.”

With a larger studio space and a smaller treatment or therapy room, he is now offering a range of yoga styles and practices along with Pilates and a number of therapies and treatments including Swedish massage, Lomi Lomi massage, acupuncture, sports massage and Thai yoga massage. There are dance and fitness classes including boxing, plus teeth whitening, hypnotherapy, osteopathy, Sacro cranial therapy, physiotherapy and many healing therapies and workshops.

It is the only yoga and massage studio in Luz open seven days a week and aims to serve the community, whether they are residents, tourists or surfers. Mark is happy for The Holistic Hub to be used for just about any activity needing a space to call home and is keen for people to approach him with new ideas.

“I want a space that fosters these skills year-round and becomes a real fixture in the community. The whole thing is still very much embryonic and fluid and will, I hope, develop in a very natural and organic way. People here have been so supportive and helpful already. It fills my heart and I cannot wait to get to know more and more of you as time passes and I begin to call the Algarve home.”



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