First Class Loungewear

By Sarah Ann Murray

Loungewear and casuals have taken off and are flying high; here’s our pick of staying comfy and looking chic.

It’s late afternoon, early evening, the spring sun has just dropped beyond the cliff-lined horizon and the house is doing precisely what it was designed to do – stay cool – nay, freezing. You’ve changed out of your totally acceptable daywear of choice, Lycra gym-kit (worn with the plausible optimism that if we wear gym kit for long enough, we’ll eventually get that work-out in) and you finally need to change into something comfier for the evening.

We find ourselves in wardrobe no-man’s land. It’s too early for regular pyjamas, yet we couldn’t possibly waste a well-thought-out, snazzy ensemble (read: clothes that have barely seen the light of day for a year) on cooking dinner, cleaning up and watching Netflix in … quelle horreur.

And so, entering stage left, please allow me to shine a spotlight on fashion’s new normal … loungewear! Yes, casual clothing has officially been elevated and the spring trends would suggest the lockdown uniform is here to stay. Thankfully, this means there’s more choice than ever before, the designs and materials are better and it’s totally acceptable to wear this clothing all day, at home and while out and about.

We’ll show you where to shop it, how to wear it through seasonal changes, how to stay on-trend and how to buy sustainable versions of your favourite casual picks.


Stripe and Stare

Knickerbocker Glory

We do love an eco-conscious brand here at Tomorrow, which is why the colourful, playful underwear brand Stripe and Stare are high on our list. Their mission is to make the best underwear in the world and, with so much success in that department, they’ve gone on to expand into sustainable lounge and sleepwear. They work with ethical factories, use sustainably-sourced TENCEL™ Micro Modal materials, and use 100% biodegradable packaging. The fact their colours and designs are full of the joys of spring make even online shopping a pleasure.


Style Elevation

If LA and London were to get together and bring to the world a loungewear lifestyle brand, then Varley would be it. Think a touch of sass and a lot of cool. With a palette of neutral and gem tones, looser layers really push the boundaries in terms of designs and materials. Design features like standing mock turtleneck details, flattering waistbands, contrast drawstring longer jumpers, and raglan-sleeve casual drape mean their styles translate seamlessly from gym to street to home. Each piece is made using a wide range of innovative technical materials, so it looks good, performs well and feels super luxe. Their capsule loungewear wardrobe is everything I could want to wear all day, every day at the moment; they had me at effortless knits in oatmeal…

Fable & Eve

Bedtime Story

Everyone needs a pair of Sunday morning PJs. You know, the kind in which you sit outside and drink coffee in the sun and don’t mind your neighbours seeing you because you’re looking so very Vogue and Hollywood Hills, casually rustling up gluten-free pancakes, reading the newspaper and, for once, being in no rush to go anywhere. Nightwear specialists Fable & Eve not only ensure universal fair, living-wage standards for every person involved in making their clothes, but the openly honest brand uses 100% natural and sustainable fibres with a focus on responsibly, creating the softest, silkiest fabrics for your bedtime comfort. You’ll practically float from the bedroom to the rest of your Sunday.

Orwell & Austen

Bold Softener

Bold cardis and cool knits are very much in for spring. Orwell & Austen’s fabulous, funky knits made from recycled cashmere with colourful rainbow cuff-and-collar details, bold leopard prints or Bowie-flash design jumpers and are must-haves for when loungewear eventually becomes outer and evening-wear later this season.


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