The Neck Lift

We live in an era where Generation Z starts in their early 20s with preventive treatments. We all want to live forever and with a young appearance. The latest statistics show a 77% increase in neck treatments from 2018 to 2022, which clearly evidences the importance of this area to patients.

Typical treatments like Botulinum toxin, fillers, peelings, lasers and threads have been used by Millennials and Generation X for the past 20 years as they realise that neck ageing is an obstacle to their still youthful mind.

The main concerns that take patients to the plastic surgeon are:

  • Increased neck volume
  • Dehydration, wrinkles and bad skin quality
  • Muscle flaccidity 
  • Skin flaccidity with turkey-like bands
  • The procedures target loose skin, not just fat, so liposuction isn’t the only solution. Treatments vary from:
  • Non-invasive HIFU (high-focused ultrasound)
  • Minimally invasive tightening treatments (liftera™, Morpheus™, necktite™)
  • Liposuction with necktite™
  • Neck reduction surgery

Younger patients are suitable for minimally invasive lipo procedures done under local anaesthesia and skin-tightening radiofrequency, whereas older patients require an isolated neck lift with hidden scars or a full face and neck approach.

The changes obtained by surgery are significant, and the downtime varies from one to two weeks. There’s no pain involved, only neck stiffness/hardness in the early post-op period and you can expect some bruises. It’s very important not to smoke and have a stable weight. Patients, however, have to be aware that they will still age after the surgery and that their neck will not stay perfect forever.

I strongly recommend that patients check the doctor they have chosen or been recommended through online research or referrals. Confirm that they are a registered plastic surgeon and ask to see similar cases in the appointment, and eventually have a couple of professional opinions.

It’s a fantastic surgery. A neck lift is the new facelift!

Tiago Baptista-Fernandes is a specialist in plastic surgery.

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