Woofland – The Algarve’s new wellness centre for dogs

A new project aims to bring together a range of pioneer services: dog daycare, animal therapies and animal-related courses for pet owners. 

How convenient would it be to have a veterinarian perform a relaxing massage on your pet while you go shopping? Imagine booking a nutrition consultation for your dog or cat while having a photography session done by a professional pet photographer. If you struggle to expend all your dog’s energy every day, why not have a break while your dog spends time at doggy daycare, playing and socialising with other dogs or even learning some basic obedience?

You can find all this at Woofland in Mar Shopping Algarve, Loulé, a novel concept which provides services by different professionals in the same place.

This new wellness centre is managed by Quarteira’s award-winning dog school Iron Dog Algarve. Woofland has been completely remodelled and now features new facilities, with an outdoor space boasting several shaded areas and an indoor space designed to accommodate the three main services offered: dog daycare, animal courses and animal therapies.

One of their goals is to fulfil the needs of pet owners in the Algarve by providing theoretical and practical courses aimed at educating animal owners so they can make more conscious choices. The courses will cover a wide range of areas, including veterinarian medicine and grooming to social aid dogs, animal law and animal behaviour.

Woolfland will also host events that will be announced well in advance. The modern daycare is now more appealing and dynamic and open to a maximum of 15 dogs per day. It features new environments, decoration and planning, with the goal of stimulating and promoting the socialisation of dogs. Monthly packages are available, as well as daily visits ranging from one hour to half a day or a full day. To be able to attend, dogs must have all their vaccines, have been dewormed recently and be sociable. Every dog will be subjected to an initial behavioural assessment.. The daycare will be open from Wednesday to Monday, between 10 am and 6 pm.

Animal therapies range from relaxing massages, acupuncture, physiotherapy, hydratherapy and laser therapy to nutrition, chromotherapy, reiki and much more. All the treatments are carried out by trained vets, physiotherapists and nutritionists and are available when booked beforehand.

Upcoming Events:

10 December: Joana Carido Cunha will be available for nutritional consultations (must be booked in advance).

16 December: Marco Serrão from KOKUA will be speaking about detection dogs. 

15 January: Daiana Ferreira from the animal association KOKUA will be tackling the subject of assistance dogs. 

Date to be announced: Joana Carido da Cunha will be addressing the benefits of natural food. 


Tomorrow readers can benefit from a 10% discount on the doggy daycare service valid throughout December. Just quote Tomorrow magazine when you check-in and a discount will immediately apply.

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