How Can You Lend a Paw?

Our volunteer team consists of helpers from Belgium, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, Portugal, Sweden, France, the US, South Africa, the UK and more. Why not join us, and open up new horizons? You could improve your language skills at the same time.

Anyone of any age can help Cadela Carlota in many ways. We don’t need you to clean our kennels and we do not only need dog walkers. Can you sit with a distressed animal? Just sit and talk to them to get them used to the sound of a caring human voice. Can you brush them, cuddle them or even write your emails sitting next to them? This work is so important.

If you want a more permanent commitment with an animal, we have many cats and dogs ready for adoption. An in-depth chat with one of our team can help you to choose the cat or dog that has the personality to fit in with your lifestyle. Personality is key to a successful adoption – not looks.

We desperately need foster homes for our dogs and cats. Animals often arrive from disadvantaged backgrounds and fostering allows them to adapt to living in a loving environment. Fostering gives them a chance to become adopted and find a forever home. A chat with one of our dedicated and knowledgeable team is essential if you are considering providing a foster home.

How about sponsoring? Sponsorship is the next best thing to owning a dog or cat. It is an ideal gift for a grandchild who may not be able to own a dog for various reasons. They can choose their own sponsor animal – and they will receive a certificate and a video of them. They will also be able to visit the dog or cat and receive a quarterly update on their progress. 

We may need help with various events, such as supermarket food collections (usually just a few sessions a year). This can prove to be a happy social time to meet new people, as well as helping Cadela Carlota. We have charity shops in Almadena and Lagos. Could you make yourself available to be a temp at one of our charity shops in Almádena and Lagos? Could you take over if one of our regular team is ill? Currently, our Lagos shop is desperate for people to join the team. Can you spare just a few hours a week? Please also think of us first when giving away unwanted items.

There are many other ways that you could help us when it is needed by giving your time freely. Maybe with DIY jobs, or are you internet savvy? 

Ann Margaret Hodges is a volunteer at Cadela Carlota.

For more information on any of the above, please contact us via our website: – or, if you prefer, you can contact me direct at

Photo © Cadela Carlota


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