Fostering Jimmy

Fostering a dog brings joy into our lives and helps local kennels and dogs in need of a loving home. 

If your lifestyle doesn’t allow you to keep a dog but you miss the companionship only a dog can provide, then please consider fostering. It’s a great way of supporting local kennels and of helping a four-legged friend find a permanent loving home. 

Pernilla Nordenmark has recently been fostering Jimmy from Cacela Dog Haven (CDH). As she explained, “We’ve had furry friends before, but we agreed after our last one, no more. But time passed and I missed my paw friends. I became a volunteer at CDH and loved every second. And then there was Jimmy. A strong dog who pulled on the lead, he calmed down and did really well in training school. It took a few months to get the green light from my husband, and now we are fostering Jimmy.” 

CDH helped with the practicalities: a bed, blankets, food, bowls and with advice on how to ease the newly fostered dogs into their new environment. They insist all fostered dogs are treated as companions – not guard dogs – and live inside the house. This is with a view to making it easier to find them a permanent, loving, family home. 

Reflecting on her experiences, Pernilla said, “To start with, we placed a sheet on our carpet and in the corner of the sofa, but despite two years in the kennel, we’ve not had an accident. Everything is used as an opportunity for training, like cleaning ears and paws, not begging when we are eating. It’s all about basic routines and repetition, that’s the trick. Whenever I have any questions, I just call CDH.”

The thought of Jimmy one day leaving to his forever home is hard to take. “I will cry my eyes out”, said Pernilla. “Jimmy is so much fun and right now, we are the ones being showered with his love. However, it will be the best for Jimmy because we don’t have a big enough garden.” 

Could you offer Jimmy a loving home? If so, contact CDH at or on +351 926 767 54

There are, of course, many more wonderful dogs at CDH and other shelters who need a helping hand so they can start a new life with a loving family.


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