A Christmas Gift

In the November edition, Lois Herrington appealed for people to help to brighten Christmas for young people at the children’s home in Lagos.

You were invited to fill a shoebox or bag for a child living in the home. The home is filled with love but does not have the government funding to give these children more than the basic needs they deserve.

Aljezur International and Barlavento International Primary School, had also collected boxes of fun gifts to be shared amongst the children over the Christmas period.

Tomorrow magazine went along to see the boxes handed over to the excited children and record the event.

Can you help?

There are children’s homes across the Algarve and they would love to be able to offer more extra-curricular and fun-filled activities which are for many of these children a challenge.

These are children who are placed in shelter homes because they are in danger or because, they cannot remain in their family environment, for their personal and social development.

Tiffany’s Riding Centre in Lagos was one business that was able to go above and beyond the call of duty to give one of the children from CASLAS in Lagos, a dream come true.

A 16-year-old girl, who has lived in the home since she was four as her mother couldn´t care for her, showed an interest in riding. Tiffany’s has always donated lessons to kids living there and it developed into a passion. Her dream was to go to the equestrian school in the Alentejo. Tiffany was so determined to make her dream come true they lent her a horse, Zoofila, and all her tack and equipment to attend the school. The girl still helps out at Tiffany’s on the weekends and spends her weeks boarding at the school.

Last month in the article Every Mile a Smile, we featured the organisation The Associação Criar Sorrisos who are trying to fill the funding void in the children’s shelters across the Algarve.

As well as raising money they are giving their time to help with painting walls, roof insulations, furniture repair, creating cosy environments, buying proper clothing, sports equipment or even glasses, which all make a big difference in the lives of these children.

Currently, volunteers are helping the Casa de Acolhimento in Lagos renovate the boys’ bedrooms and the dining room. A Gaivota in Albufeira contacted them to help to acquire reading glasses, clothing, birthday gifts, bicycles, the renovation of the outside area and creation of a herb garden. Proteção à Criança in Faro asked for computers and personal hygiene products. To help them finish these projects, all goods and donations are welcomed.

If you think you can donate an activity for the home in Lagos which would benefit a child living there please contact: caslas.lar.jovens@gmail.com



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