Sophie Sadler


As a child, I loved to read and write and imagined being the next Daphne du Maurier or Agatha Christie!

This passion never went away and I studied English literature and language at Leeds University and wrote for the student newspaper.

My career started in PR and Marketing in London for a property company. This involved working with the property editors on the broadsheets or magazines, organising press tours, briefings and writing press releases. I found I had a talent for spotting a “story” and was successful in achieving column inches.

My greatest PR achievement was bringing the UK´s attention to the second home market of a little backwater called the Western Algarve! Back in 2003, the A22 was just being completed and buyers had started to flock in. I brought a pack of property journalists over from London to write about it and in the process met a local estate agent by the name of Nick Sadler, who I later married!

On moving to the Algarve in 2003 I became involved in the Sadler-family property business and we worked with several International property companies bringing buyers to the Algarve before I had my two girls.

I started writing again as therapy, after suffering from crippling anxiety following the birth of my second daughter. It was as part of the netball club, Lagos Fireballs, that I met Steph – then the editor of the Portimão magazine – I asked her if I could write an article.

It soon became clear that this was my destiny. Tomorrow combines all the things I love most, the Algarve, writing, meeting new people, telling a story, communicating important messages and philanthropy. Becoming the editor, writing and editing full-time was a dream come true.

I also love talking! It was a highlight in my role as editor to be invited to talk on BBC world service, BBC News and Sky News about events in the Algarve, most notably the air-corridor debate in the summer of 2020.

I have since become a junior associate for the Hoxby Collective, a global community of 450 freelancers in 29 countries, each adopting their own workstyle. As part of this community, I also work as an editor on a large project for Unilever.

When not dreaming up new stories, I can be found on the ocean in the Algarve, having adventures with my daughters or playing netball.

Sophie Sadler


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