A Charity is Born

By Bernadette Abbott

This has been a month of big changes for the Algarve Network for Families in Need.

First and Foremost we are delighted and excited to share the news that we are now a registered charity. This is a major step forward for us as it will give us the opportunity to raise funds through a variety of activities so that we can support vulnerable families in so many different ways. We are so grateful to Ricky from the Arm in Arm charity, for all his work in completing this arduous task.

In addition, we have seen a change in the role of volunteers. I myself have moved and will be based in Spain for the foreseeable future. I am delighted that Nadia Cann has taken responsibility for operations here in the Algarve. Already she has been coordinating the collection and distribution of food to those families who have lost work owing to the coronavirus and subsequent lockdown. Dealing with families in distress owing to forced homelessness and domestic violence and arranging donations and delivery of domestic items to families in need has been a major part of her work. I am so grateful to Nadia for taking on this role and pleased that it will give me the opportunity to work from a distance on fundraising and development.

The Luz area is now being led by Pam, who has been volunteering for us for some time now but this is a new focus for her, and Alison and Solina have taken on the Lagos area. All are doing a great job – I am so proud of them. Last but by no means least we have a new food collection point in Burgau which will be staffed by Hilary with whom I worked some years ago at the soup kitchen. It,s great to be working with her again. Thanks go to these new volunteers as well as those who have worked so hard over the last five months and continue to do so.

But some things never change and families across the Algarve continue to need our support. We cannot thank you, as a community too much for the support you have given, and continue to give to improve the lives of our families.

If you can help in any way please contact Nadia or your local volunteer via our Facebook page.
If you wish to make a financial contribution you can do so through PayPal account algarvefamiliesinneed@hotmail.com.

Thank you so much for all that you do for our families. Without your donations, we could do nothing.


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