Golf Courses Re-open

Golfers benefited this week from the Government's
three-tier structure to get the economy moving again.

Golf Courses Re-open

Golfers benefited this week from the Government's three-tier structure to get the economy moving again.

From 4 May golf courses were allowed to re-open with measures in place to comply with health and safety precautions designed to prevent the further spread of COVID-19.

Boavista Golf was one of the first courses to re-open. “Since the official announcement of the Portuguese Government on Thursday, 30 March, we started to inform, firstly our members, that we would open the golf facilities On 4 May. After that, we informed via Facebook the remaining population,” Golf Director Hugo Pinheiros told Tomorrow.

Bookings were available by email or phone only, and in 1 hour (on Saturday) their reception received 90 bookings for Monday, “It was very gratifying to see the support from our members and guests,” says Hugo.

As expected, members were the first to respond on the re-opening. Six weeks without golf, for avid golfers meant they came flooding back and as soon the course opened they had 90 plus members playing in 2 ball flights.

Boavista Golf & Spa

Espiche Golf course re-opened on 8 May with Tee times available from 09:00 to 12:00.

“We opened four days after the official opening of the golf courses announced by the Portuguese Golf Federation. This allowed us time to understand and implement the necessary measures which will keep the golfers and staff safer at Espiche Golf. Despite the unfortunate bad weather for this time of the year, we can say the golf course has been quite busy. Anyhow, we are only accepting a maximum of 70 golfers a day which is more or less 30% of the capacity for this time of the year,” says general manager, Frederico Champalimaud.

“For me, it was a pleasure to be able to open the course, and this way help golfers to enjoy nature and sport in a safe environment. Golf can be therapeutic and help people to overcome this situation,” Hugo tells me.

In order to comply with the health safety, the restaurants, and locker rooms are closed. Golfers must keep a safe distance from others and not share any golf equipment with other players.

I ask Frederico if he thinks it is safe to re-open, “Most of the equipment, including sand rakes, bins, has been removed from the course. Golfers arrive at the club and go to the first tee directly from the parking lot with no need to enter the clubhouse. There is a reduced risk of infection when compared to other sports and businesses. Fortunately, golf has taken all the right steps in Portugal.”

Espiche Golf


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