WORDS Julian Putley

‘The Times They Are A- Changin’ sang Bob Dylan 50 years ago and it is more relevant now than ever before. The planet needs help! 

A spectacular show highlighting the trend of green energy was attended by large crowds over the Easter weekend. Exhibitors ran the spectrum from commercial enterprises: tour boats, dive vessels, and water taxis to land-based vehicles like scooters, bikes and cars. Then there were water toys, e foiling boards, electrically powered Stand-Up Boards and electric skateboards. One of the most popular exhibits was an auxiliary powered sail cat, the Fountaine Pajot Lucia 40. This state-of-the-art electric catamaran was fully booked for two-hour sunset cruises on each day of the show. It is not only large yachts that are transitioning to solar but outboards, both small and large are becoming more and more common as boat builders/operators are rising to the challenges of an eco-friendly future. 

Besides these larger boats, innovative water toys were on display and acrobatic events thrilled the crowds with awe-inspiring jumps, twists, turns and head-over-heels stunts performed on wakeboards. Electric foiling boards are fast becoming the most popular water toy where wind is fickle. Kiteboarding will likely never be superseded, however, but wind cannot always be guaranteed.  

The show was laced with musical events and the Cuban Brothers band on Friday night was quickly sold out. There were dancers, yoga and Pilates events. Bars, restaurants, ice cream and smoothie vendors were doing a roaring trade.

More details on some of the boats of the future displayed at the event will be in the June magazine.