By Tom Henshaw

Empanadas & Co

I have now been doing restaurant reviews for ten years and sometimes, I find it quite difficult to find the right words to express my surprise and pleasure at what is on offer. Empanadas was definitely an exception to this, as my genuine enthusiasm for the restaurant resulted in an abundance of compliments.

The Empanadas team is an amiable bunch of young and dedicated people who helped us choose wisely from an exciting menu of really tasty pastry turnovers.

Sometimes a small menu gives the impression that the selection is too limited to enjoy, but please take my word for it that you will find lots of delicious flavours at prices that mean you can overindulge for once and not feel at all guilty!

It is worth the search to find this eatery in the Rua Infante de Sagres -in Lagos – their standards are high, and I am sure you will, like me, be back for more!

An Empanada is a Spanish or Latin American pastry turnover filled with a variety of savoury ingredients and baked or fried

+351 928 058 917