Well, here we go, our first blog, and we hope this will inspire others.



I must say, the message seems to be getting out there, as I visit more and more bars. (It’s a tough job, but you know what they say) I see more and more places ether with paper straws or asking “Do you want a straw”

As you know, in the USA alone, they use over half a billion straws A DAY! So every little helps.

This is part of our clean it up and single use plastic campaign. As we live so close to the ocean and depend on it so much for our survival, it’s so important that we respect it.

Can I ask, Next time you are in a bar or ordering a drink. Ask the staff “Do you have paper Straws”? If they don’t, tell them they should get some, say NO to the straw and  as the song goes.

“You sip your Napoleon Brandy But you never get your lips wet, no you don't”.

The Last straw this month refers to our article on our environment page (86 September edition)